Yard Facilities

Close to the town of Whitchurch in Shropshire and yet deep in the heart of the country, we have top class facilities which we have continuously improved and expanded over the past twenty years.
  • Twenty five indoor stables
  • Aqua Equine Salt Water Treadmill
  • Outdoor and indoor arenas, both with
  • Charles Britton equestrian arena surfaces
  • A set of International show jumps
  • A horse walker
  • A lunge arena
  • Stallion pens
  • Turn out paddocks
  • Horse solariums
  • Wash boxes
  • Young stock pens
We consider to be one of the most well equipped yards in the country for viewing and trying sport horses for sale, producing showjumping horses and training show jumpers


Dave Quigley is available for training sessions with your own horse. These can be by the hour, weekly or tailored to you and your horse’s specific needs. Dave and Sharon specialise in producing young horses for the future or for sale. You will therefore benefit from their vast knowledge and learn to produce and maintain your own horses to professional standards. Many any young riders have been trained to the very highest level and have gone on to achieve great success in competition. Amongst them are Ivan Dalton, Enda Carrol, Greg Brodrick and Chris Smith, just to name a few.
Training is becoming more and more vital in our sport, gone are the days when you could help yourself. With Dave’s quiet approach to teaching he is able to help and always achieves good results. Just contact us for hourly rates, weekly packages and longer training times.


Build your horses fitness, power, strength & stamina Recommended by Trainers & Vets